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Automobile Bearings

As the necessary rotation component in engines, transmissions and wheels, Automobile bearings play an important role in reducing friction, and driving engine power to wheels. Automobile assembly parts that use Bubao bearing spare parts include: engines, generators, water pumps, clutches, gearboxes, differential gears, steering gears, and air conditioners etc. The main bearing type used is small deep groove ball bearings, accounting for 27% of all automobile bearings. The functions of the bearings in the engine are self-centering, bearing the pressures and gravity, making the axle parallel, positioning the wheelbase and reducing frictions to ensure engine operations will be safe, reliable and durable at all circumstances, including different speeds, loads and temperatures.

Motorcycle Bearings

Requirements for motorcycle bearings are smooth rotation with low friction and low vibration, and nice durability. These performance issues affect fuel consumption and security. Through low collisions and low vibrations, the motorcycle Bugao bearings achieve smooth transitions and durability, ensuring the fuel consumption and safety of the motorcycle. Starters and gearboxes installed with Bugao bearings have high resistance to foreign body, high rigidity, as well as temporary persistence and heat dissipation function, fulfilling the high rigidity of the bearing exterior requirements, optimizing technical abilities, and tightly sealed. Generally, single row Bugao ball bearings have high/low tolerance for grease temperature, high precision, high-speed durability, and longer lifespan, with simple and practical design.

Household Appliance Bearings

Household Appliance Bearings require a characteristic of smooth ration, low noise and low energy consumption. Bugao bearings for home appliances can meet the low-noise requirement and has characteristics of maintaining long-term silence and environmentally friendly. It is very suitable for household appliances such as cooker hoods, ceiling fans, washing machines and refrigerators.

Textile Machinery Bearings

Textile bearings have characteristics of continuous long-time working, long-life, low-noise, small-vibration, small-torque and high-speed ect.. Bugao bearings for textile machinery can be used in environments with high speed, heavy load, requiring strong reliability and long lifespan, despite the impact from fiber and corrosive substances. Furthermore, our products have characteristics such as low vibration, high-temperature tolerance, ease of installation, maintenance free, high tension.

Industrial Electric Motor Bearings

The main functions of the bearings in electric motors are to support and reduce frictions. Thus, characteristics such as precision and noise of the bearings will directly affect their applications ad lifespan. Deep groove ball bearings are used in industrial electric motors, generators and servo motors etc. We have extensive experience in the applications of our various bearings products in many industries, and will be able to meet the needs of customers. Bugao bearings for industrial electric motors have characteristics such as smooth operations, low-noise, low starting torque, and long product lifespan, thus extending the maintenance period, reducing rotational losses and environmentally friendly.

Automatic equipment bearing

Automatic equipment bearing with small friction, heat resistance, durability, long life advantages, is an important supporting parts of modern mechanical equipment.

Agricultural machinery bearing

Agricultural machinery bearing has the advantages of simple installation, easy replacement and good durability. It is an indispensable part of agricultural machinery and plays an important role in stabilizing and driving machinery。

Transport machinery bearing

Transport machinery bearing has the characteristics of long continuous working time, small vibration, small torque, fast speed, etc., which plays an important role in transport machinery。